Non-Surgical Gum Therapy - Powai, Mumbai

Depending on the stage of the periodontal or gum disease, a number of treatment options could be presented. In its early stages, a gum disease can be effectively treated with the help of non-surgical gum therapy. We provide patients with a variety of treatments and preventive measures in order to help our patients avoid periodontal diseases. Maintaining a good oral hygiene and regularly visiting the dentist are essential when preventing gum diseases.

Important to note however most gum diseases do not come with prominent symptoms in their early stages, so it becomes hard to detect them, until they start becoming inconvenient. The most common symptoms of such diseases are swelling, toothache, bleeding and bad breath. Periodontal diseases are usually caused by plaque forming bacteria. The accumulation of plaque in gum pockets poses a threat to tooth health. Non-surgical gum therapy treats this condition by extensive cleaning and root planning.

Plaque deposited deep within the gum crevices and on the surface of teeth cannot be cleaned by normal brushing habits. Professional cleaning reaches to depths of these pockets and makes them bacteria free. Once the pockets are closed, you can stop bacteria from attacking gums again by maintaining a good oral hygiene. The dentist will suggest you ways of keeping gums and teeth clean and free of germs.

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