Sedation Dentistry in Powai, Mumbai

Dental Sedation is a technique that can be used to reduce pain or anxiety to allow patients to receive the dental treatment they need.

Varying degrees of dental sedation can be utilized as outlined below:

  • Minimal Sedation: patients respond normally to verbal commands. Although cognitive function and coordination may be impaired, breathing is unaffected
  • Moderate Sedation: patients respond purposefully to verbal commands, either alone or by light stimulation. No interventions are required to maintain breathing. This is also referred to as “Conscious Sedation.”
  • Deep Sedation: patients cannot be easily aroused but respond to painful stimulation. The ability to breath may be impaired. Patients may require stimulation. Patients may require assistance in maintaining a patent airway. 
  • General Anesthesia: patients cannot be aroused, even by painful stimulation. The ability to independently breath is often impaired. Patients often require assistance in maintaining a patent airway. (Done in hospital setup)

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